Introducing Lucy

I am delighted to be working on a community project called ‘Community Living Room’ – a project using the arts to reduce isolation in older age groups, with libraries as venues. It is hoped that groups formed during this project will continue to meet and explore their interests and socialise in their libraries.

I myself have benefited from a similar group called Chorley Crafters Meet and Make – a bunch of like minded people who get together each month to share craft techniques and learn new things. For me it started out as a way of networking and learning new things but unexpectedly what I’ve really gained from this group is some really smashing friends.

I think we all can feel a little socially isolated from time to time for whatever reasons. For me my focus on family and work means that I have very little time for socialising. Joining a group such as Chorley Crafters Meet and Make gives me the opportunity to take time out from my life. I have fun with friends, eat cake and craft. Additionally we all communicate via social media and last year we even had a mini crafting holiday together. All from a group that meets monthly.

We should all search out new experiences, culture and creativity really enriches our lives and sharing it with other people is even better.

I will delivering some FREE rag rugging sessions so why not come and say hello and have a go.

I work for Action Factory Community Arts who are organising the activities and managing the project. If you want to know more about us our website is 


I also have my own craft identity, check me out on

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