Trip to Liverpool – 2 museums in 1 day

We are planning a trip to Liverpool, to visit Tate Modern and the Maritime Museum in Albert Dock.

Both these museums are located on the waterfront in Liverpool on Albert Dock. This is a magnificent area with stunning architecture and views out over the River Mersey. There are shops and places to eat in the dock.


Liverpool Maritime Museum

Things to see:  Titanic Exhibition, history of Liverpool, Britain’s child migrants, and much more

Tate Modern, Liverpool

There is an exhibition of the work at the Tate of Jackson Pollock, who is an exciting and energetic artist. Jackson Pollock is widely considered to be one of the most influential and provocative American artists of the twentieth century. Pollock famously pioneered action painting, a process that saw him drip paint on canvases resting on the studio floor.
Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots at Tate Liverpool is the first exhibition in more than 30 years to explore the artist’s black pourings, a lesser known but extremely influential part of his practice. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to see the largest number of Pollock’s black pourings ever assembled in the UK, with some never before seen in this country.

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If you are interested in joining us on this trip please let me know (£10 contribution asked)