The Good Life?

It was perfect gardening weather and we had just the right workshop scheduled! Today Ian Hodgson, a cheeky chappy from Accrington’s Prospects Foundation kicked off a 6 week course on container gardening. To break the course up we will be going out on 2 visits, one to some local allotments and the other to a community garden in Accrington.

Ian Hodgson

Ian Hodgson, Community Food Growing Officer at Prospect Foundation

We learnt some of the tricks and knacks of different soils, pots and tools and made out a wish list of things we would like to grow from seed.

The group each planted four seeds and took them home to germinate (in a warm, sunny place, indoors). We learnt about depth to sow, flowering and harvest times. All very educational!

I think we all were very enthused and for myself I went to a garden centre on the way home and bought some bits so I could do more that evening at home in the sunny weather.

Looking forward to next week.