Plugging the Plugged In team

Community Living Room activity organiser Lucy Wray met up with the Plugged in team today to discuss the potential involvement of CLR participants in their initiative.

I had a lovely afternoon meeting with Stephanie and Matt from Plugged In to talk about their intriguing initiative to get local people involved with theatre touring in our region.

Plugged In was set up by Blackburn with Darwen & Pendle Councils with funding from the Arts Council, to get communities to feel part of their local theatre scene and increase the amount of sustainable professional performances touring in the region.

The Plugged In team work with local community groups and encourage them to choose shows to play at their local theatres, from a choice of around 5-10 performances.

Once a show has been picked, they then encourage the groups to attend not only as  audience members, but as a critics and a promoters.

Along the way Plugged in take groups to a selection of other performances, take them behind the scenes of the theatre and get some interesting ideas for workshops and marketing. Everything is free, including travel to shows, stationery for their workshop and tickets to their chosen show.

They generally ask for a minimum of 6 hours of meetings over the 3 months leading up to the show, plus the trips out and a workshop.

The Community Living Room has invited the Plugged in team to attend one of our workshops so they can talk about their initiative to participants.

If this sounds interesting come along to the Darwen session on 30th of March and meet Stephanie and Matt aka Plugged In.