Container Gardening Tuesday


We are back in the dry tomorrow for Container Gardening and we will be focusing on growing herbs!

Ian Hodgson shows us his allotment.

Ian Hodgson shows us two sorts of fertiliser – manure and comfrey

There are so many herbs and they do require different growing conditions, Ian is going to reveal those secrets to us keen amateurs in our 2 hour free session at Mill Hill Community Centre tomorrow (12th May).

Last week, a brave group of 9 people braved the rain, cold and wind to visit Ian Hodgson’s allotment in Revidge. We were all very impressed with the private run site which was obviously very popular. Ian pointed out that people grew flowers at the front of their plots to attract bees and butterflies for pollination and that there was a good amount of manure piled around.

Also we were shown a rather large herb called Comfrey,  which can be used as a fertiliser by soaking a good number of leaves in water and watering on the resulting brew. Warning! its smelly!

We were able to observe first hand all the produce he has on the go! onions, cabbage, carrots, peas.

At the end, we were allowed to pick some rhubarb to take home and make into something tasty! I plumped for rhubarb crumble.